Life in a few lines…

Full of expectations and experiences, some speak of laughter while other grievances. Some memorabilia engaraved right in our heart while others burn in our brain, The child inside which speaks of those lovely days, and a tiger you never tame. Some talk about God and how He weaves emotions, transitions, moments and gestures, We either… Continue reading Life in a few lines…


Thank you Readers!!

Feels great to share that this day marks my completion of 4 years on I had started 4years back with, the journey started with an IT enthusiast who loves Blogging and passionate about motorcycles. My first post still breathes fresh with all fond memories of my early days trying my luck at jingles… Continue reading Thank you Readers!!


Mumbai, my veins

I would like to share about the most loved and busy places in India – Mumbai, the city which never sleeps. I have been one of those lucky persons who have spent around 6 golden years in Mumbai. The crowd , the way of living, the palpitations and the vibes this City holds is amazing. … Continue reading Mumbai, my veins


Currumbin wildlife sanctuary & Movie world – Gold coast,Aus

Let me be your pictorial guide to Currumbin wildlife sanctuary and Movie World theme park in Gold Coast Australia. This was my second day at Australia and boy it was warm out there and a fun filled day with nature and adrenaline rush. Have a quick handshake with Nature at the Wildlife Sanctuary. Hmmmm, time… Continue reading Currumbin wildlife sanctuary & Movie world – Gold coast,Aus


Amazing Journey – Down Under and Kiwis

Hi folks, I would like to share my amazing ( i wish i could add more A’s to the word 😉 ) trip to Australia and New Zealand. Returned just a week ago, and it was fun-filled and a once in a lifetime journey down under. And yes, it wasn’t just about the kangaroos and… Continue reading Amazing Journey – Down Under and Kiwis


Le Cerveza mas Fina

The image says it all 😉 Here is my Mexican love Corona which I prefer whenever I travel around and hangout. I would love to know what brand you all love and like. This post is dedicated to all party lovers and Hangovers. Never tried dark beer ever. Have you? Would like to know preferences.… Continue reading Le Cerveza mas Fina


Summer, where art thou?

Well I am shivering inside my room with the heater reading 72 typing this microblog. I give up! Done with my patience of waiting for the summer.  All my desperation and helplessness comes out with these pics which show my share of winter. I know some might find it funny while others could relate. I… Continue reading Summer, where art thou?


Dallas,TX from my eyes

Hello all I am back with a quick photo post. I happen to visit my family staying @ Dallas in Texas, down south. Loved the warm weather and sunshine 😊 Being the first trip with my wife it was all fun filled 4 days of summer for me. I did get sometime to visit the… Continue reading Dallas,TX from my eyes


Life @ Milford

Well I have started off writing again,life and work kept me away from Blogging for a while. But you keep trying isn’t it? 😊  I am currently staying at Milford city in Connecticut state of north eastern USA. Though being more commercial, you can still find a lot of the places to hang out. Below… Continue reading Life @ Milford


Support Green Coalition Network

Activity: Green Coalition Network is an independent non-governmental environmental advocacy organization that was informally founded in the year 2000. Green Coalition is dedicated to improving public health standards, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development & ethical business. We provide practical eco-friendly solutions that integrate long-term economic prosperity and sound social development, thereby bringing about… Continue reading Support Green Coalition Network