The special day :)

Here comes the day yea yea the day bringing happiness all d wayfeels so special,sighhhh feels so good wish d day never goes away, this day Smiles n cheers …..wishes n beers partying all along…never realisednever realised had so many besides me so many lovely souls all besides me…. Somewhere feels strange….somewhere i feel alone😛… Continue reading The special day 🙂


Trip to Malshej Ghat

28th Friday Mumbai 11am morning:  The weekend plan seemed to work out and i finally succeeded in grabbing a few guys in for our unplanned trip for the weekend. Had been a lot of time since I had hanged out with my friends and actually, visited a cool place. Friday night….one by one, all my… Continue reading Trip to Malshej Ghat


Biker Maniac….

I revved up and became another manheard my humming baby shine in the tansitting on my ride, changed the world aroundthe roads like racetracks when i look around Twisted the throttle,lying onto the curve Never planning a stop,never planning a swerveThe crosswinds did increase at the highway but my eagle never backing off the pathway… Continue reading Biker Maniac….