Biker Maniac….

I revved up and became another man
heard my humming baby shine in the tan
sitting on my ride, changed the world around
the roads like racetracks when i look around

Twisted the throttle,lying onto the curve
Never planning a stop,never planning a swerve
The crosswinds did increase at the highway
but my eagle never backing off the pathway

Rubber burning, as we speeded
Engines thundering, the traffic faded
Down the hill or steeper the road
Never slowing a bit….never rising up the dashboard


The zooming winds whistling on my head
the dusty roads, hitting on the red
overtaking the buzzing loads, never stopping a bit
showing all the curves showing all the threat

Be it thunder be it rain, my batteries somewhere never drained
the exhaust roughed the specs, it might let u faint
Down went the curvy roads,as i bent over the lane….
sharp edges are so common, accleration never a pain

my girl what i say her….she is my red eagle
she is faster than u imagine, try shooting a deagle
with scratches all over, she never stops the kill
palpitations running high….she runs at my will


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