Sachin – The God hasnt left

Sachin….my namez similar to HIS
Though a cricketer he is titled The God
The elegance in batting still untouched
the legend walks away saying the word

Lots said, commented and felt
Memories of his still unfazed
The master blaster, was the best we knew
the only one having skills which kept us amazed

Piling up the runs, doing with an excellence
The God had kept many bowlers at bay
Some had nightmares of Sachin
some saluted Sachin,their own way

A superb person , both on and off ground
He would still rule our hearts
The record still holding his name for years
though some smile, some saying it with tears

A legend says his bye to ODIs and T20s
but still would exhibit the world class talent in tests
Sachin our God, God of cricket Would still rule,
still rule, and would be at his best…….


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