The day the kid walked Out of the Cradle

Four years back, I was struggling for a niche, crawling to make up a place in this world where people recognize you, yes YOU by your deeds. Where you’re the king one day, and you could turn out to be a beggar the same day. Life and survival of the fittest. I got a chance… Continue reading The day the kid walked Out of the Cradle

My First Ever Blog Award – LIEBSTER AWARD !!!!!

I knew nothing about this until I got this award from someone random and I googled in the word “Liebster Award. This award is given to bloggers by other bloggers.    It’s a cyber-award handed around by bloggers and once the recipient has answered 11 questions, they pass it on to another 11 bloggers with… Continue reading My First Ever Blog Award – LIEBSTER AWARD !!!!!

Sweet place within – We call it heart !!

You pump the blood in meYou trigger the romance and intimacy The warmth in me boasts about youYou’re the messenger to another soul Bind the feelings aroundYou make me feel the real humanThe palpitations you createMakes me see a bright futureBeats hard enough when scared src: You’re the proof of lifeOnly thing that keeps… Continue reading Sweet place within – We call it heart !!

A friend indeed

When the blood would tear its way out of my eyesand the pain within me subsides….     That day my fren you would realize it and be glad,    the warmth of the bloody ol fren u had The dust we both once had a bite of….still speaks of the adventures and our lay offs    The… Continue reading A friend indeed

Aisa lagey hai….. (Feels like this)

Yu hin baitha hua sochta hun ye kal kya hua… ek pal me saansein tham gayee  saansein jaise palchiin si…. ab aisa lagey hai ki dil……bas kho gaya na dekha use, na pehchaan hui… bas ek halsi si chhuan thi …… ab aisa lagey hai ke dil….has diya..                    … Continue reading Aisa lagey hai….. (Feels like this)

My Love for the Rain

Been a long time since i wrote one of my poems….. Its time to break open those shackles…..Here i come with my series of poems written long back……. This onez called  “my love for the rain” Incessant drops…..pit patting through window panes….The Flamboyant rain, expressing its gratitude on humansWatching out …. and up to the… Continue reading My Love for the Rain

Sachin – The God hasnt left

Sachin….my namez similar to HISThough a cricketer he is titled The GodThe elegance in batting still untouchedthe legend walks away saying the word Lots said, commented and feltMemories of his still unfazed The master blaster, was the best we knewthe only one having skills which kept us amazed Piling up the runs, doing with an… Continue reading Sachin – The God hasnt left